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The World Rebuilt & Minecraft Education Edition

Learn how The World Rebuilt can integrate into your learning experiences in school

One of The World Rebuilt's core values is to be Community Centric, and we accept with open arms educational and research institutions into our extended community.

The World Rebuilt is producing an accurate and to-scale (1:1) copy of the world at the time of building. The files associated with the project are covered under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution 4.0 license, however we extend further licenses, technical support and free hosting to educational institutions who have an interest in using the community built work to educate individuals or to make a substantial humanitarian effort.

Example use cases

Computer Science & automate your home

The maps produced by TWR are perfect for computer science lessons by integrating with Minecraft Education Edition and having students create contraptions to build and automate their real life home, or the school itself.

Geography & learning the landscape

As TWR maps are 1:1 in scale, your students can travel anywhere in the world, and compare the sizes of real life structures like the Eiffel Tower against the likes of Mt. Fuji. They can see how the terrain changes, and the sea level is different.

Social Studies & improving local areas

Educating difference in incomes and social development is hard. Allow your students to travel, virtually, to places unseen to see the impact on local areas with low incomes, and help regenerate the neigbourhood presenting in game what they would change and how it positively impacts the community.

Engage your students like never before

The best thing is: the possibilites are endless. We're here to help you engage your students and make a lasting impact using this crucial educational resource.

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The World Rebuilt is not endorsed or affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft.