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Introduction to Building Groups

Building Groups are semi-formal organisations within TWR that organise the creation of the buildings and features within our community.  There are many different types of groups.


Location Based Groups (LBGs)

Location Based Groups claim a specific location to build, this group is solely formed to build that location, and is often Country or State based for example 'United Kingdom Build Group'.


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups operate worldwide and have a particular interest in building specialist or common structures. An example of a special interest group is 'Airports, Train Stations and other transportation' or 'Theme Parks'.


Private Build Groups (PBGs)

Private Build Groups are able to build within much smaller claims but can build virtually anywhere. This is often for 1-10 people who are friends to work together on building areas they are particularly interested in.

Important: Regardless of type, all groups must work within claims they have made. Location Based Groups will often claim large swarms of areas such as states or even countries however Special Interest Groups and Private Building Groups can claim within these to make sub-claims. All claims, including sub-claims, must be approved by inspectors before they can be used.

How do I join a group?

You must become a verified builder by applying. Applications are currently closed. You might have to complete a trial build that one of our inspectors will evaluate and decide if you are able to join us as a builder.

It is important to know that once you become a Verified Builder, you are able to join any Location Based Group or Special Interest Group, and there is no more applications.

If you want to join a Private Building Group, you will need the group admin to authorise you.

You can create your own group too, but this will need to be approved by the Progression & Strategy team.

Do I need to pay to join or create a Build Group?

No - there is no need to pay to join or create a build group. All hosting costs are covered by TWR for free. Your building contributions are enough. You are welcome to donate however we're not accepting donations at this time, and we will not ask you to donate.

What is an ambassador?

Ambassadors are elected by their group to represent them in bi-weekly meetings with TWR Management. Ambassadors are not necessarily TWR Staff or Build Group staff, they can just be passionate members.

Each LBG and SIG gets 1 ambassador, and PBGs as a whole elect 2 to represent all PBGs.

Ambassadors are not staff roles, but they play a crucial indepedent part in ensuring we meet our transparency and community decision making values.

How are group staff selected?

New groups have their staff selected by TWR Claim & Build Inspectors and TWR Senior Staff. We then encourage groups to vote on who they would like to be their staff.

Groups that have already got a staff team that are joining TWR will most likely be honoured, and that staff team will become the group's staff team in TWR.

Need help navigating this?

Reach out to our awesome support team in Discord  here... and select the #tickets channel and feel free to ask your questions.


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