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About us

Learn more about The World Rebuilt Project, and what we are doing.

Our core values

The World Rebuilt is a truly community based project and with that, these are our values.

Technology at Heart

Using technological advances usually reserved for huge corporations, we're making it easier than ever to build the world 1:1 in Minecraft.

Community Centric

Our community is at the core of what we do, and as such we value everything they have to say. We will ensure our community is heard.


We will be as transparent as possible with our community outlining our finances, and actions taken by our team on a regular rolling basis to enstill a open culture.


We believe that what we are doing is truly incredible, but with that we must be dedicated to ensure it is achieved. We will provide the most dedicated team that we can.


Why Minecraft?
Minecraft is the world's largest selling game, and with its cross-platform capabilities, we are able to involved the most amount of people possible in the project. Additionally it helps achieve our educational goal.

Our educational goal
The World Rebuilt has started working with educational institutions to provide our mapping application to them to improve their Geography and Computer Science learning experiences via Minecraft for Education. This is completely FREE to educational institutions and not-for-profits.

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World Record Attempts
We're attempting world records as well. This will be the largest Minecraft map known to man, and the most accurate replication of real life structures in Minecraft, and the fastest created replication of the world in Minecraft. We can't wait to share our achievements with our community.


The World Rebuilt is not endorsed or affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft.